Become a member of the ITRA Steering Committee!


Bob Crowley, ITRA President:

"We have one opening on our Steering Committee (what we now call Leadership Team). This position will represent Organizers and thus only a paid and current Organization member can apply. It is an opportunity to add another volunteer with skills needed within ITRA and willing to devote the time required. These include: membership recruitment, sales, marketing, finance, and technology - among others.”



Supplementary elections to the ITRA Steering Committee - vacant seat in the organizer category

Due to the expiration of the mandate of one of the members of the ITRA Steering Committee, a supplementary election is announced to fill the existing vacant position.

Accordingly, there will be an election held for the following position:

  • One organizer member


The mandate of the newly elected member in the supplementary election will be valid until the next Steering Committee election (organized for 2023).



All organizers ITRA members with an up-to-date membership can apply for the seat if they fit the statutory requirements outlined in the application form. Their membership must be up to date during all the elections period and for all the terms of their mandate.



Download the application form: HERE

Fill in all the required fields - please keep the application to 1-page maximum

Send the completed form to with the subject line: "Application for the ITRA Steering Committee"




Organizer’s members have until 9th of September, at 11:59 pm (Paris time) to send us your application. Applications sent after this deadline will not be considered in the further elections process.



The Steering Committee is elected by the General Assembly members, which brings together the organizers' and runners' national representatives and the permanent members of the ITRA. The election will take place in the days following the General Assembly, which is on Friday 24 of September 2021 (maintained on the online platform).


The exact election date will be decided by the General Assembly; only organizers' national representatives’ participants of the General Assembly will have the right to vote. We will inform all the candidates about the election calendar and the detailed results of each stage.


If you are a member of ITRA and would like to view the online General Assembly, please let us know by sending an email to to find out more about the opportunities to attend.


The Steering Committee is composed of 17 members elected by the members of the General Assembly. It oversees and supervises the actions of the ITRA.

To learn more about the ITRA Steering Committee see the ITRA Statutes, pages 9-11.