Event Information

 Tisvildeleje, Denmark
19 March 2016

North Coast Ultra 2016

Large - 53K

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Course details

 Race Date: 2016/03/19
 Start Time: 10:00:00
 Participation: solo
 Distance: 54.70
 Elevation Gain: +430
 Elevation Loss: -410
 Time Limit: 9:10:0
 Number of Aid Stations: 3
 Number of Participants: 500

About the Race

The race starts at Heatherhill a small peiece of Scottish highland placed in Denmark. After a small detour on the beach you will enter the beautiful and grassy Heatherhill where a few hills awaits you. Hereafter you run back towards the parking lot in Tisvildeleje using the Nordkyst trail. This trail contains a few kilometers along the beach where you can experience the beautiful slopes that the weather has ravaged over the years. You will find the first depot on the parking lot in Tisvildeleje. From here you can obtain water and energy drinks. After visiting the depot you will enter Tisvilde Hegn where you will experience some real trail running as the small tricky trails contains lots of small hills. You will have to climb Skovhøj, Harehøj, Ranglehøj, Galgebjerg, Bangshøj and Fredrikshøj. The main depot of the route will be met approximately 30,5 km into the race. Here can you not only obtain water and energy drinks, but also candy, chips, raspberry cake, chocolate, fruit and whatever we may find. You will have to run for another 6 km before you enter Asserbo Plantage and Melby Overdrev. Even though the route is flat when leaving Tisvilde Hegn, please be aware that you are running in on sand and in an open terrain and therefore exposed for the wind. The last approximately 5 km back towards Tisvildeleje and the goal area on the parking lot contains of small single trails. You will come through Enebærdalen og Troldeskoven. You must also climb the 10 swells and a walk on the beach before being able to stretching your arms and running into the goal area.

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