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 TAMARIN, Hong Kong, China
16 December 2022

Trail des Goyaves tset 2022

Trail des Goyaves

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Course details

 Race Date: 2022/12/16
 Start Time: 00:00:00
 Participation: solo
 Distance: 0.00
 Elevation Gain: +0
 Elevation Loss: -0
 Time Limit: 0:0:0
 Number of Aid Stations: 0
 Number of Participants: 200

About the Race

The race begins in the tiny village of Chamarel and begins with a stiff 4 km climb to the summit of Mauritius, the Piton de la Riviere Noire. From there, the undulating forest paths across the Plaine Champagne show off the spectacular scenery of the National park, with several tough but short dips and climbs, until the technical descent into the Black River gorges, crossing the main river and a few smaller ones, before the last 3km ascent on the famous Parakeet trail, to finish on the central plateau, among the guava trees.

Un parcours difficile qui demarre au village de Chamarel, avec quelques metres d'asphalte pour que le peloton se distance, puis 4km de belle montee vers le Piton de la Riviere Noire. Douze km de marais, singletracks techniques et ruisseaux, suivi par une descente rapide vers la Riviere Noire, et une montee d'enfer de 3km sur le sentier Parakeet, pour l'arrivee sur le plateau de Plaine Champagne.

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