Event Information

 Bohus Malmön, Sweden
01 September 2018

Icebug Xperience 2018 - Ultra Edition 2018

Icebug Xperience 2018 - Ultra Edition

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Course details

 Race Date: 2018/09/01
 Start Time: 06:00:00
 Participation: solo
 Distance: 80.30
 Elevation Gain: +1500
 Elevation Loss: -1500
 Time Limit: 22:0:0
 Number of Aid Stations: 8
 Number of Participants: 100

About the Race

A new ultra. Perhaps it’s your first ultra, perhaps you’ve done lots of them. Either way, IX Ultra will be your best running experience ever. Our 50-mile course is located in a unique landscape in the western parts of Sweden, and we’re confident when saying it’s the most beautiful ultra-race in the world. You will be running along the coastline, on everything from red-colored granite cliffs to elvish forests. Simply, the best things West Sweden has to offer – compressed into one single race. Come and experience trail running at its best. Welcome to IX Ultra.

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