Event Information

 Tisvildeleje, Denmark
14 April 2018

North Coast Ultra 2018

Large 30K

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Course details

 Race Date: 2018/04/14
 Start Time: 12:00:00
 Participation: solo
 Distance: 30.40
 Elevation Gain: +340
 Elevation Loss: -350
 Time Limit: 0:0:0
 Number of Aid Stations: 1
 Number of Participants: 300

About the Race

The race starts near the parking lot in Tisvildeleje and you will run directly into Tisvilde Hegn. Here are lots of kilometers consisting of small tricky trails and hills. You must climb Skovhøj, Harehøj, Galgebjerg, Bangshøj and Davrehøj. The route and the terrain is very varied and it is almost never straightforward. You will run along horse folds, lakes, the deserted village of Torup and past Asserbo Slotsruin. After approximately 20 km you will reach the race’s only depot where there will be water, energy drinks, raspberry cake, chocolate, candy, chips, fruit and anything else we can find. The next 10 km of the race will be in the same terrain. In the last 7 km you will, among other things, go through Eneberdalen and Troldeskoven, after which the hardest segment of the race will be around. 900 meters consisting of 10 ravines. When it is over, there is just a little detour on the beach before you can stretch your arms and run across the finish line.

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